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Reducing food waste (FW) is seen as a way to improve sustainability of food systems, both in itself and as a way to improve the efficiency of resource use. A first step is to improve data collection of FW. The paper presents the results of a test conducted in a primary school located in the Bologna province. The aim of this study is to define a new methodology to assess FW in school canteens that can be applied in large-scale studies involving all stakeholders. The results show that a methodology for data gathering on FW in school canteens involving all the concerned actors can be implemented. However for the success of the monitoring it is necessary the involvement of teachers that remain the key to success, but also it is necessary to adapt the methodology to the capabilities of pupils.
  • Preliminary results of a methodology for determining food waste in primary school canteens
  • Preliminary-results-of-a-methodology-for-determining-food-waste-in-primary-school-canteens.pdf
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  • 2017
  • eng
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  • M. Boschini, L. Falasconi, C. Giordano et al.
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